"Where is he?" short essay by Alyieaha Smith

Do know the percentage of absent fathers? Well according to fatherfactor.com, 23.6% of U.S. children lived in a fatherless home in 2014 and nearly all the social problems facing America today were raised in a fatherless home.

A child is at four time greater a risk of poverty, seven times greater risk to become a teen parent, two times more likely to drop out of high school, and more likely to commit a crime, go to prison, and suffer obesity.

After I read all of this, I did an interview with two of my friends. I just wanted to know how a male feels and how do females feel. One of my friends said they don’t care as long they have their mom they’re ok. But my other friend said he just wants his father to be there, not for the money, he just wants to spend time with him.