Headphones a short essay by Annette Smith

People should not wear loud headphones because they can be very dangerous. Loud headphones are dangerous because they can prevent you from knowing your surroundings. They are popular in the younger society; headphones like Beats, SkullCandy, iPhone and other loud headphones are worn by young teens. Headphones can cause death at a young age.

The loud music can prevent you from hearing car horns and people shouting while crossing the street. A young teen can be shot and killed from walking through war zone neighborhoods. A child can be kidnapped while walking home from school by having both headphones on sky high.

The reason why people love headphones so much because the music can change the mood. For example, a person could be listening to a happy song while walking through a dangerous neighborhood. The person is in a totally different world because of the music and are oblivious to their surroundings; then the next thing you know that person is shot, robbed or kidnapped and becomes a victim in a blink of an eye. In becoming a victim, the person goes through a range of emotions and questions about how and why this could have happened to them.

From my personal experience, I could've lost my life from having Beats headphones on. There was a shootout right in front of my school. I was sitting at the bus stop, enjoying my music not knowing what's going on. Then, a stranger tapped me on my shoulder and told me there was a shoot out and that I should run! Thank god for that man, or I may have became a victim. I still see people wearing both headphones in their cars and it bothers me. I am always concerned with if they are going to become victims to robbery, or worse. Though I still listen to my music through my headphones, I now leave one earbud out so that I can be aware of my surroundings.