ME a poem by Janai Bryant

When times get though, I cry.

When life gets better, life gives you wings to fly.

It’s a black hole full of lies.

When I look in the mirror I see smiling and pain,

Who am I to be ashamed?

Young women with mixed motions

torn between love and hates,

Who am I even to even date?

Have a heart that no one can match

is like being in the dark cold and alone

with no one to hold. It seems to me,

that love could be labeled poison

and we’d still drink it.

It’s sad knowing that I love others

more then I love myself. I always try

to make other people happy because I know

how terrible it is to feel worthless & unwanted.

I think about all that I’ve done and

gone through that no one even knows about

and I get sad thinking that no one will ever know

about all these things that makes me, me,

because no one will ever understand Me but Me…..

Another Stereotype a poem by Glen Davis

Another stereotype is something I can't be,

nowadays school ain't interesting

so most of us dedicated to the streets,

tears running down yo face cause you found out

yo homie deceased, man ... that's how it is in them cold streets.

We should be in school everyday where they educate

but the district neglect us so most youngins out here

tryna get cake. Money first, school last

that's the mindset that we got

but at the end education is everything but a young black man got.

You think you flexing cause you trappin on the block

but a college man with a degree really be having that knot.

You at the top, you got it all keep yo circle tight

cause the ones you call "bro" be the ones that be waiting on you to fall.

Success is the key so don't give nobody a spare,

for this generation I am truly scared.

Where I'm From a poem by Dairue Martin

I’m from a place where you have to come in

Before the night

A place where if you walking alone you have

To hold your pockets tight

A place you will only earn respect

If you know how to fight

Living check-to-check

Never having your dreams in sight

11-year-old boys asking you for a light


The might of the pen

Our words will never

Take flight

I’m from a place where the liquor store was better

Attendance than the schoolhouse

A place where snitching is shunned and you have

To watch your mouth

A place where no one cares about getting good grades

They only care about getting paid and girls

Wanting their hair slayed