Today's Rap Music short essay by Zahia Ismail

Today's rap music is influencing people to do the wrong thingsā€¦

The rap music being played today has a lot to do with drugs, sex, money, violence, and guns. People today, mostly black people/ teens should not be influenced by the things rappers are saying in their lyrics during the songs. It isn't fair to most black communities because some people are really afraid because people are influenced by the things that are being said in rap lyrics.

People may think it is okay to be like these rappers, they drop out of schools, get into drugs, and do a lot of dangerous things. N.W.A's album "Straight Outta Compton" was a creation of violence, but when it came out, Eazy- E was the only member in the group with a criminal record.

Rap music is one of the most controversial music genres in our culture and around the world, which is surprising because it is a fairly new genre, only about 25-years-old. There has been a lot of talk about regulating the lyrics in rap music because of the violent and explicit themes of the songs. A part of the controversy comes from the behavior of rap musicians outside of their music. Many rap artist have been accused of such things as assault, drug dealing, illegal weapon possession, money laundering, and murder.

In my opinion, rappers should really be cautious of what they are saying in rap lyrics because people really get affected and influenced by what their saying. It's very dangerous and can harm themselves and/ or other people. It's really impactful to most black communities!