ME a poem by Janai Bryant

When times get though, I cry.

When life gets better, life gives you wings to fly.

It’s a black hole full of lies.

When I look in the mirror I see smiling and pain,

Who am I to be ashamed?

Young women with mixed motions

torn between love and hates,

Who am I even to even date?

Have a heart that no one can match

is like being in the dark cold and alone

with no one to hold. It seems to me,

that love could be labeled poison

and we’d still drink it.

It’s sad knowing that I love others

more then I love myself. I always try

to make other people happy because I know

how terrible it is to feel worthless & unwanted.

I think about all that I’ve done and

gone through that no one even knows about

and I get sad thinking that no one will ever know

about all these things that makes me, me,

because no one will ever understand Me but Me…..